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TDM2400P Specification

TDM2400P is a PCI 2.2 compliant card for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. It supports a combination of up to 12 Dual FXS and/or Dual FXO modules for a total of 24 lines. Use the telephony card selector to identify a card that fits your requirements.

Using stardward Asterisk Open Source PBX software and standard PC hardware, one can create a telephony environment that includes all the sophisticated features of a high-end business telephone system.
Using an industry-standard bursting, bus-mastering PCI interface chip that is found within millions of PC systems worldwide, the TDM2400P eliminates the requirement for separate channel bank and T1 interface cards, at an industry-leading price. The Dual FXO and Dual FXS modules are interchangeable, allowing the creation of any combination of interfaces.
It runs on standard asterisk driver, No need 3rd partner driver, no patch  is required.
Package includes:
TDM2400P card in original packaging
12 Modules between Dual FXO & Dual FXS
RJ45 to 4x RJ11 splitter   6pcs
Size: 19*12*4CM
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